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Our Menus

[To access a menu, click on a logo to view them.]

CHC Square Logo (Dark)_edited.png

Our main menu, our classic menu, our 20+ years in the making menu. Here you will find an assortment of some of our classics like the Hercules, Burger of Champions, and our Eskimo Waffle. Also home to our beloved Skillets, everyone is bound to find something they love here.

Inspired by the beautiful country of Mexico, our Fiesta Menu has been a staple of the restaurant since opening day. Originally located in our main menu, the Fiesta Menu has the spice and flavor you are looking for. Recently we decided to branch the Fiesta Menu out from our main menu due to the strong line up of food that this little menu holds. Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Tacos, and our much loved Chilaquiles. Chefs kiss. 

Fiesta Menu Logo.png
CHC Dinner Logos.png

Some would wonder how strange it is for us to serve dinner during our operating hours. A menu we tried to eliminate in the past has somehow managed to make it back to the restaurant. The demand for our Chopped Steak, Roasted Turkey, and Pork Chops were too much. We heard you. Loud and Clear.

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